29 April 2005

Speak Out! Crush the Dear Leader's Social Security Heist!

The Washington Post (Millbank and VandeHei) is saying that the Dear Leader is gambling his second term legacy on his bold stroke of outlining his social security plan and energy policy in last night's press conference.

Ow. I didn't watch the press conference. I just can't stand his smirky face or snotty voice anymore. But I did read the transcript. The "details" of the social security plan... huge benefit cuts falling mainly on the middle class, (especially impacting baby boomer members of that class up to age 55), all out of proportion to the modest fiscal problems of social security... are worse than might have been expected, given the abject failure of his taxpayer financed PR campaign over the last couple of months. Two out of three now oppose Bush on social security.

Time to remind our congressional representatives that we are strongly opposed to Bush's plan to take away ... however incrementally ... the most successful social program in American history.

The less said about the industry-pandering and useless energy "plan" the better, except that it's a real tragedy that we have no leadership in this country willing to confront this issue for real, since there can hardly be a more important one to our nation's future. (Vastly more important than the relatively modest problems with social security funding).

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