21 January 2024

CCS--Carbon Capture and Sequestration--not a panacea

CCS is necessary, but, as this video argues, not as a way to continue using fossil fuels. 

12 January 2024

Interview of Biden by HCR

This excerpt of an interview of President Biden by historian Heather Cox Richardson is worth a watch.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGRXnB_GQcM 

06 January 2024

Another wonderful cantata from Switzerland

 Another wonderful cantata performance from the Bach-Stiftung out of Skt.Gallen, Switzerland. BWV154, Mein liebster Jesus ist verloren.  I especially love the duet starting at 13:07, "Wohl mir, Jesus ist gefunden," which I think is comparable in excellence to the lovely duet from the more famous BWV 78, Jesu, der du meine Seele ("Wir eilen mit Schwachen"). 

04 January 2024

Community Music Workshop... of possible interest

I've inherited the organizership of a community music workshop, called, curiously enough, the Community Music Workshop. Every month. Pursuant to a time and use grant from the Portland Parks and Rec Dept. Lately our workshops have featured some really fine performances of interesting music. Quick snap of the piano trio attached. 

02 January 2024

Real rival to Tesla Model 3 from Geely?

Sam Evans, the "Electric Viking" on YouTube,  is a Tesla fan but has said that this car, the Zeekr 007 already on sale in China and Europe, is the best electric sedan ever built. Zeekr is a "mark" of Geely, a Chinese company that owns Polestar and Volvo as well. Few Chinese cars will be sold in the US in the near future under their own name, but Geely will be selling a version of this car, probably starting in 2025, in the US, under the Volvo mark. It sells for  mid30s in Europe, but may be a bit more in US by then. As a Volvo, it may be eligible for some tax credits, but probably not the full credit. 

The car will have a 600+ km. range and novel batteries that are virtually impervious to cold, charge extremely fast, and have a design lifetime longer than the lifetime of a car. 


01 January 2024

Allan Lichtman: 13 "keys to the Whitehouse" likely to point to Biden victory

I don't give Allan Lichtman's "system" 100% credibility, but there is logic to it. And according to this model, Biden, as incumbent and presumptive (rather than contested) nominee, has two "keys" out of 13 that any other Democrat would not have. Lichtman's model will very probably predict a Biden victory, and the way things look right now, this does indeed seem likely. (Some of the "keys" are not fully determined yet).

We should not be complacent, but we should also not exaggerate the threat to democracy that Trump represents.