21 November 2005

Bamford on White House Prewar Deception Strategy

See James Bamford in Rolling Stone on the White House's outsourcing strategy to create the propaganda climate to sell a war to depose Saddam Hussein.


  1. If there was any doubt that Rendon was a liar: "Rendon, who went on to serve as executive director of the Democratic National Committee, quickly mastered the combination of political skulduggery and media manipulation that would become his hallmark. In 1980, as the manager of Jimmy Carter's troops at the national convention in New York ..."
    "They helped elect John Kerry to the Senate in 1984 and worked for the AFL-CIO to mobilize the union vote for Walter Mondale's presidential campaign. Among the items Rendon produced was a training manual for union organizers to operate as political activists on behalf of Mondale"
    Why Bush would ever believe or trust democrats is beyond me.

  2. The above comment is positively surreal. As the piece makes clear, Rendon went whole hog over to to the other side (while ludicrously claiming to be non-partisan) after the Panama Affair in 1990. Rendon's agents orchestrated a campaign of disminformation ON BEHALF of a preconceived plan on the part of the Bush administration to depose Saddam Hussein, IN OPEN DEFIANCE of known facts. So saying that Bush "trusted" a lying Democrat makes no sense at all.

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