10 January 2007

My e-mail to John McCain

I sent this to John McCain's Contact point on his website:
Dear sir:
With all due respect, it is one thing to say, 'I recognize
what polls show the public predominantly wants in Iraq, but I believe what I've proposed is what's right, and it's the policy I intend to fight for.'

That I could respect. Disagree with, but respect.

But to claim, as you have done, that the re-election of Mr. Lieberman "proves" that the American people do not favor expeditious extrication of American forces from Iraq is either dishonest or simply ignores reality. Numerous recent polls have shown that a significant majority of Americans want just that, and exit polls in Connecticut showed that only 15 percent... FIFTEEN... favored sending more troops to Iraq. A recent Salt Lake City Observer poll showed that even a majority of Utahns favor orderly withdrawal.

Stand up for what you believe, if you think it's the right thing to do, but don't pretend it's not a minority view. To do so is either dishonest or foolhardy.


  1. McCain is certainly dishonest, no question there. Foolhardy in terms of practical considerations, like deaths, further eroded standing in the world, further enemy creation in the Middle East. It's all politics, of course, and he's playing to what he perceives as his base. That part may or may not be foolhardy, since the pro-war base has shrunk dramatically and is still shrinking. I think we can just leave it at saying he's a callous, calculating, lying sack of shit. Hmmmm. That might work.

  2. I don't disagree that McCain is almost certainly being disingenuous, but I chose not to use immoderate language in actually writing to the man. What I don't understand is why so many people who should know better give him a pass.

    The real liar, though, is Lieberman. He ran in the General Election on the claim that there would be a troop reduction by the end of the year, blah, blah, including in ads. Then as soon as the election was over, he turned into the No. 1 Bush Cheerleader and champion of this pathetic... and tragic... "surge" strategy. What a total liar!

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