13 July 2007

Hey, Whaa? NEW war authorization?!

This is from the NYT today, an article about Lugar and Warner seeking a "new war authorization:"
The Senate was already scheduled to consider a variety of proposals next week, including one by Senators Robert Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat of New York, seeking to de-authorize the original war authorization. That proposal, though, is not favored by the Democratic leadership because several senators who voted against the 2002 authorization are reluctant to endorse a new one.

EXCUSE ME? Hey, Dems! What part of the overwhelming message of the 2006 election, that the American people want this war to END, as soon as is feasible, DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND???

Get this: we expect you to take action, whatever it takes, however it may be possible, and keep at it until you succeed, in fulfilling this mandate. No new war authorization has any role to play in accomplishing this. And if you are even considering authorizing any further military adventurism by this proven-unreliable bunch in the White House, you not only aren't doing your jobs, you should have your heads examined. Byrd and Clinton have it right, de-authorize. But then, no new authorization. Make this war unquestionably illegal, then we'll see what the Decider thinks he has the power to do.

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