25 September 2009

E-mailing Finance Committee Members in Favor of Robust Public Option

I have e-mailed every single one of the members of the Senate Finance Committee <link here> with this message. (Click on name, and find contact form on Senator's website, they all have them). I left out the sentence about "ALL democrats" in my e-mails to the Republican members, and added thanks to Sens. Schumer, Kerry, and Rockefeller for their already stated strong support for the Public Insurance Option.

I am writing to strongly urge passage of a robust public insurance option amendment to the Finance Committee’s health care reform bill. Consistent polling shows that over 60% of Americans favor a public insurance option. It is time for the Senate of the United States to vote for what the people want for once.

It is particularly important for ALL Democrats on the Committee to support this crucial policy.

Thank you.

David Studhalter
North Hollywood, California

Update: CBS/NYT poll today shows even Republicans favor public option by a plurality 47-42. Among the General public, its 65-26 and among Democrats 81-12. Independents come in at 61-30. With numbers like these there's just no excuse for not passing a public option.

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