12 November 2009

Afghanistan Options and Gen. McChrystal

It's being pretty widely reported that President Obama is demanding revisions to the "options" presented to him for changing the course of the Afghanistan war, in the wake of the strongly worded public disagreement by Ambassador Karl Eikenberry (a former military commander) with the request by Gen. McChrystal for more troops.

First, I gather from what's been reported that orderly full withdrawal is not one of the options being presented to the President. I have to ask, why the hell not? Even if you disagree with that course, it must be considered, since the whole rationale for our being in Afghanistan has come under widespread question. The option to pull the plug and get out just has to be one of the possible courses the President gives consideration to. (I've made clear that this is the option I think best for our country).

Second, I gotta ask: why the hell hasn't McChrystal been fired? He was openly insubordinate in giving a policy speech in London. Any high level military officer who presumes to do an end run around the chain of command and tries to pressure decisions by the President should be cashiered immediately and ignominiously.

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