21 January 2010

What a week

What a week. First, the Massachusetts electorate votes in an idiot from the Torture Party to replace Edward Kennedy. Now the Supreme Court, in Citizens United v. F.E.C.,  has effectively gutted campaign finance law and handed the power to buy elections and representatives without much restraint to corporations, based on some of the most irrational legal reasoning in decades. Now, Nancy Pelosi is effectively conceding that Health Care Reform is a lost cause. Sheesh.

Politics is becoming unbearable in this country. Something's gotta give: I cry out for Progressives to get smart. It's all out war. Slash and burn; use every tactic; learn from the Right Wing the power of message and propaganda, and fight like the future depends on it (because it does). The future of the whole world is at stake.

1 comment:

  1. and START blaming the present mess on the PRIOR 8 years of Bushwacking so our mentally differently abled electorate will be given some helpful context.


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