20 April 2010

My e-mail to Whitehouse.gov today

If the Mendacious Party of No Deal (again) decides to mount a filibuster of financial reform:

1.  The President should appeal to his supporters for contributions to buy airtime for a series of fireside chats to explain to the people exactly what these mendacious crooks in the GOP caucus are doing; as well as ads explaining what financial reform is for and showing the Republicans talking out of both sides of their mouths as usual ... use that idiot Brown's asking a reporter what he should oppose in the bill... (these should've been already made, but there's still time).

2.  Sen. Reid should be urged to MAKE THEM ACTUALLY FILIBUSTER while the above ads and fireside chats are going on.

Time to get serious and take bold action. It's the only way the righteous anger of the American people can be channeled into Democratic votes this mid-term.

David Studhalter

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