28 July 2010

Today's e-mail to the White House

The President just MUST take a strong stand against extending the Bush tax cuts for the top 1-2%. This is absolutely critical. A speech on the subject is desperately needed. The President needs to summon Kent Conrad and Stenny Hoyer and any other wavering Congressional Dems and say, this is critical, it's what defines us: we stand opposed to special privileges for the very rich and FOR Main Street; you're not a Democrat if you don't stand with us, and we will not support any Democrat who doesn't vote with us on this and other key economic democracy issues.

It's HIGH TIME for the President to show some real backbone on this issue, and to USE his communication skills to explain to the people why the Republicans are trying to hoodwink them on this, as well as on the estate tax.

Another point, the WH needs to take credit for the end of the "BUSH BAILOUT" (TARP) in Fin. Reform, because polls show most Americans DO NOT KNOW that the TARP Bailout was enacted under Bush.

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