26 October 2010

600 km.-range electric Audi announced

While some of us (at least) have been celebrating the advent of the GM Volt, Germany's Audi has reportedly achieved a breakthrough in an all-electric vehicle (built on the subcompact Model A-2 platform) capable of a 600 km. (360 mi.) range.

See here for a rather skeptical view, which sounds a bit like sour grapes. But truth will out: if the Germans really have achieved a >115kWh battery that will actually fit in a small car and leave room for passengers, the era of acceptable-range electric vehicles may indeed be at hand.  

Still, the question of how much this car will/would cost in production also looms large; even if it's technologically feasible, if it costs 400,000 to manufacture, like the existing fuel cell prototypes capable of similar range do, it will not be making much of a dent in auto sales or greenhouse emissions. So, Audi, tell us more.

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