01 August 2012

Popular/Electoral Vote picture in current polls -- Focus on the Do Nothing Congress!

The popular vote/electoral vote disparity I was on about earlier this week has gotten even weirder. These early polls may not mean much, but the PollTracker weighted average is now 47.3/47.2 in favor of Romney (a dead heat), but the electoral vote, based on leads in state polling, has Obama with 310, Romney holding with 191 (270 wins).

I still say that the Congressional balance is just as important as the presidential election this year. I would like to see Obama going on a broad scale offensive, along the lines of "Republicans have blocked every attempt we've made to move forward. We can't afford to extend the Bush tax cuts for the highest wealth of the richest and corporations when our country needs important investments to recover the economy. Mr. Romney's plan increases taxes on 95% of Americans while cutting taxes even further for the richest Americans, and he has endorsed virtual elimination of Medicare in the Heartless Paul Ryan budget plan. The Affordable Care Act will ensure access to health care for the vast majority of Americans, and all the obstructionist do-nothing block-everything Republicans in Congress can come up with is over thirty pointless, futile bills to repeal this law, while passing bill after bill that will never become law to cut back on women's health care, repeal the important financial reforms we passed to prevent another financial collapse, and refusing to pass even the most basic needs like the Transportation bill. We need your support not only to keep the White House but to get rid of this Do-Nothing Congress and end the deliberate obstruction of the Republicans so the people's business can get done again!"

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