04 September 2012

David Brooks: Dispatch from Out of Touch

This, in my opinion quite stupid op-ed by David Brooks in the NYT, shows just how out of touch even the more rational-minded among the Republicans are. His analysis of the "issues" that are important to Obama is like a dispatch from another planet. He completely misses the shift in the political winds that's taken place this year. Americans don't want to hear about failed attempts to compromise with the Republicans. They want to hear reasons to cast their lot with a new Democratic majority that can push through and make some major changes, such as greatly reducing the ability of the super rich to hide their wealth and pay little in taxes on their income, a sensible revamping of out of control overseas and unnecessary Cold-war weapons military spending, investment in American jobs, a shift in trade policy to promote American jobs (something the Obama people haven't quite gotten on board with yet), protecting Medicare, Social Security and basic government services; the list goes on... not rehashing the stupid ideas of Simpson-Bowles, which in any case the goddamn Republicans, including Paul Ryan, torpedoed, for crying out loud!

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