16 July 2013

My comment to TPM: Filibuster Reform, not "Nuclear Option," if you please

Hey, TPM~

Why do you adopt the Rightist Propaganda framing of filibuster reform as "nuclear option"? This just buys into the Right Wing view that this is some kind of radical suggestion, when, in fact, supermajorities to end debate are not in the Constitution, and haven't been used in the House in over a century. Please consider just calling it "Filibuster Reform," which is the correct term.

I guess my belief that the "aversion" today of going forward with a very limited reform is not good news. Democrats may lose the Senate in 2014 (not if we work harder to avoid it, but realistically the possibility cannot be denied), so it's undeniable that such reform could inure to the disadvantage of progressive politics in the future. But here's the thing: the Rightists have repeatedly shown they have no principles when it comes to maneuvering to obtain power. Conclusion: they're going to do this anyway as soon as they have a majority, so Democrats should do it now (and for judges and legislation), both for political reasons, and because it's the right thing to do to make the Senate more democratic.

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