03 April 2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal -- Comment

Let us recollect some things, on this Passover/Good Friday (not my religions, but regardless). Back in 2001-2003, the Iranians, who were alarmed by the Salafist radical terrorists, including the 9/11 highjackers, and the prospect that the US would go nuts and destabilize the whole region, tried to start some meaningful talks with the US government about improving relations and actually cooperating in, among other places, Afghanistan. De Facto President Cheney's response: "Go screw yourselves." What he actually said, publicly, was "We don't deal with evil." The Cheney/Bush administration proceeded to fight two wars primarily for the BENEFIT of Iran (whatever their misguided rationale may have been), while ignoring Iran completely diplomatically. Which, of course, had the effect of strengthening the theocratic dictatorship there, and actually increasing their hold on power over the Iranian people. And it also drove them to surreptitiously work on developing nuclear weapons capability.

In 2008 the American people had the good sense to elect a Democratic president; one who made clear he preferred to engage in diplomacy, as a first resort, with military power only as a last resort. The Bought and Paid For Party of course has obstructed and stymied his efforts wherever possible, but finally, much credit to SOS Kerry (who has done a much better job than Hillary Clinton, it must be said), this past week, a comprehensive framework for a nuclear deal that will, if implemented as outlined, guarantee that the Iranians cannot develop nuclear weapons for at least 15 years. Or, actually more likely, ever, since the Iranians (unlike Israel, which developed thermonuclear weapons in secret) IS a signatory to the Non Proliferation Treaty. Iran has now agreed to the most invasive inspection regime in history, with NO EXPIRATION DATE.

Let me be totally clear. If a Ronald Reagan (or, more accurately, a Jim Baker) had concluded this deal, there would be bipartisan cheers all around, Time Magazine would put him on the cover with "Greatest Peacemaker of the Century" or some such thing. The implementation of the agreement would sail through both houses of Congress with overwhelming majorities. A Nobel Peace Prize would be in the offing.

But because of the irrational, visceral hatred of Republicans for this president and their preference for actually working against the interests of our nation in the belief that it will further their narrow, oligarchic and plutocratic political interests, this president and his administration has an uphill fight on its hands to convince Congress to do what is necessary to seal this diplomatic VICTORY... for that is what it is... by implementing its provisions.

And that, my friends, is our national disgrace.

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