05 March 2018

Read this and weep

The mainstream Dem campaign committees are BLOWING the chance to engage with the activist base. It's clear they've hardened their tribalist stance against the "Bernie Sanders types," failing to realize that it is the "Bernie Sanders types" who are the future of this party. 

If this kind of myopic approach continues, the truth of the old saw will come out: Democrats never miss the opportunity to miss an opportunity. If the DCCC and DSCC succeed in alienating progressive younger voters, as it sure looks like they're on track to do, they will be handing the Republicans victories in races we should win, and I can think of no greater political sin at the present moment. 

Already, I can tell you, I contribute directly to campaigns, or to alternative organizations like Progressive Change or Move-on. I am NOT giving money to organizations that are supposed to work for all Democratic candidates but who in fact work against Democrats not of their mold, and/or fail to support Democrats who can win. 

And I will say it: the House and Senate leaders should step aside in 2018-19. Both of them. It is time for new blood in the Democratic party. The old guard, including Hillary Clinton, failed miserably in 2016. Sure, there were a lot of reasons for it, and some, maybe most, of those reasons were beyond the control of the candidates. But it doesn't change the fact that what Democrats did to gain seats in Congress and win the presidency in 2016 did not work. Ultimately, in politics, you either win or you step aside. So new people should be given a chance to move forward. 


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