20 April 2018

Kaine, AUMF 18, and Clinton's loss... a rant

 Farflung correspondents, 

If you kinda wondered about Tim Kaine (a horrible Veep choice in '16 who helped Clinton lose, just a little, but maybe just enough). He just co-sponsored a bill, the AUMF of 2018, that essentially reverses permanently the Constitutional provision for war powers, giving the war power fundamentally to THIS PRESIDENT (!!) and all future presidents, with only very unlikely Congressional veto as a check. What a horrible, terrible, really bad idea, Mr. Woulda-been Vice President! Sheesh. With Democrats like this no wonder we've been losing everything. But the winds of change are upon us. No one like Kaine will be running in 2020, I'll guarantee that.

Y'know, contrafactuals are dumb, OK, sure. But I SWEAR. Clinton made a LOT of mistakes. And it's she, not Comey, who is primarily responsible for losing the election to Trump. But I honestly think if she'd chosen Bernie, or Sherrod Brown, say, as a running mate, that alone would've been enough, and this national nightmare would've been averted. Yes. I DO blame her. We would not be in this mess if she hadn't been so ineffective a campaigner; hadn't been so unwilling to embrace the Progressive energy of the party base. Kaine sent exactly the wrong signal. Having good policies on a website is not enough; you have to live and breathe progressive ideas and be truly invested in the well being of your constituency. And people just did not believe that about Clinton. 

But that's all water under the bridge. Now we must pull together, vote for people even like Conor Lamb, and form strong coalitions that will defeat this existential threat to our republic. So I'll shut up about blaming Democrats. But I just had to get that off my chest.

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