27 June 2018

Malcolm Nance: The Plot to Destroy Democracy

 • Just heard a long interview by John Aravosis and Cliff Schechter (Unpresidented Podcast, $), with MALCOLM NANCE, author of new book The Plot to Destroy Democracy. Nance is a counter intel expert and his book is scary shit. Our nation, and small-l small-d liberal democracy are in deep trouble. We must find common ground with all who will oppose the "Axis of Autocracy," as he calls it, because an all out, real-thing existential struggle with the forces of NeoFascism is already upon us. And what's really scary is the case he makes that Putin is "running" Trump like a "direct action asset". Remember, this guy isn't ex-KGB. He is the KGB, and he's running Russia pretty much the way Stalin ran the Soviet Union, except he understands information warfare and is waging it very, very successfully against US.

Wake up, fellow Americans. We got a fight on our hands, and close to 40% of our country has been brainwashed to be on the wrong side.

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