16 August 2018

I Don't THINK I'm being paranoid. . .

 I don't
I'm of an unduly paranoid frame of mind, although my 1%
right wing (probably former-) friend thinks I'm deeply involved in "Trump Derangement Syndrome," which, by the way, ISN'T a thing. Anyway, watching the signs
and portents
, I'm increasingly worried that Trump's plan is, in a nutshell, to BLOW IT ALL UP. Once they really push him into a corner, and they will, he'll fire Rosenstein, order Mueller fired. Pull his security clearance (as Clapper suggested he might). Pardon everyone involved. Cut a deal with the Russians to not just interfere on the fringes but actually hack into and disrupt actual election tallies in the midterms
(if he hasn't done that already)
. Declare a state of emergency, martial law, whatever. And then the
question will be completely unavoidable. Will the entirely debased Republican party just bend over and take this, or will some critical mass of them join with Democrats to take action to save our Republic? Because it is totally clear that Trump has no moral compass, no loyalty to the United States
or the Constitution
, no respect for the rule of law or the checks and balances that are institutionalized to limit the power of a rogue executive, like him.

Think it can't happen? I'm sorry... it can. I don't know if it will; I truly, deeply hope not. But we can't rule it out. There are hundreds of historical precedents, some quite similar to this. And the personality type and authoritarian narcissistic personality of a dictator is right there for all to see.

If any country in history was
to stop something like this before it tears the country apart, it is ours, but there are no guarantees. We depend on the honor, integrity and courage of (mostly) men, who have to date shown none of those things.

f I were religious, I'd say pray for our country. But what I say instead is, prepare for the greatest Constitutional crisis of our nation's history, which is very likely coming soon, and everyone will have to choose whether they will stand with those who defy this monster, or not. It will be up to us. Whether it is as bad as I'm suggesting, or something a little less drastic, the choice will have to be made, and we will know those who are loyal, patriotic, and brave, not to a man but to the ideal of our republic, and those who are not. There will be no middle ground.

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