25 July 2019

My letter to my blue dog Democratic congressman

  Dear Congressman Schrader, 

The leaders of our party have wasted the last two years, in the face of abundant evidence that the president of the United States is a criminal, a traitor, and wholly unfit for office. First, unncessarily waiting for a special counsel investigation that was never intended to address the question of whether the Congress should do its constitutional duty and investigate whether this president should be impeached. Then, when that investigator's report made clear that he didn't believe he could do anything about the president's crimes and malfeasance, because it was purely a job for the Congress to deal with, doing nothing at all, for more than 13 weeks already, in the face of open defiance of Congressional authority by the subject of the inquiry and his lawless administration. Now, that the overly cautious special counsel has testified. The facts are already clear, but need to be exposed, in daily televised hearings, with real, enforceable subpoena power. No more time can be wasted. It is critical, and a constitutional duty of the Congress, to investigate and lay bare before the American people, the facts of this case: the most egregious malfeasance and criminality in a president in our history. The fact that the locked down partisan Senate will not convict is immaterial: this is a DUTY of the Congress. If the facts are adequately shown, in public, in readily accessible form, in televised hearings, a resolution of Censure may be sufficient, whereupon the American people can decide, fully informed of the facts, in the 2020 election. But regardless, AN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY MUST BE COMMENCED AT ONCE.

Thank you.
David Studhalter
Oatfield, OR 


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