26 September 2020

Ginsburg Judicial Reform Act of 2021 (proposed key provisions)

 Here's my idea for the Ginsburg Judicial Reform Act of 2021 (key provisions).
◘ Canon of Judicial Ethics to be applicable to Supreme Court Justices as well as all federal Judges, a Judicial Council created for all Federal Judges to refer conflicts of interest, crimes, and other conduct unbecoming of a judge to Congress for potential impeachment.
◘ Create a new level of Courts for prosecution of more minor offenses and Civil cases of lesser stakes
◘ Create approximately 200 new judgeships, including to populate this new branch
◘ Create 2 new Circuits of the Court of Appeal and resdistribute the existing circuits so that all of them, except DC, are approximately the same population. Create approximately 50 (48?) new justice positions to be distributed equally among the 12 Circuits
◘ Create Four new justices of the Supreme Court, and specify in the statute that the court may, according to its own rules as it may create, divide into two sections of six, with the chief justice to break ties.
◘ Specify certain restrictions, as deemed necessary, on the jurisdiction of the court, including, specifically that under no circumstances will the Supreme Court decide the outcome of an election; the limit of their power on suits involving voting in national elections would be to refer the matter for disposition by the Congress where an outcome based on the accurate count of popular vote cannot be determined.
As I understand it, all of these reforms are within the statutory power of the Congress and would not require a Constitutional amendment.

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