11 November 2021

Big Auto splits on Climate Change

Here you go. Ford, GM, Hyundai/Kia, Volvo and Mercedes (and Tesla, obviously) have all signed on to the goal of all zero emissions vehicles by 2040. But Toyota, which was recently shown to have participated in widespread climate disinformation in consort with Big Oil.... and Volkswagen, which famously faked emissions results for its highly polluting diesel cars in the US a few years ago, along with Nissan/Renault, have not. For me, it's an imperative. I will be BOYCOTTING the products of Volkswagen, Nissan/Renault and Toyota until they change their tune. 

The article doesn't mention Honda, but Honda was a pioneer in hybrid vehicles. It has been somewhat slow to produce all electric cars. My guess is that Honda will end up on the right side of this issue, given their history. And hopefully, soon, they all will, because it will become clear to them that there simply is no other path forward. 

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