19 April 2022

Dems need to wake up and start bragging!

 Could I just say? Y'know, "just sayin'".... 

We Democrats need to wake up and start fighting for our congressional majorities. Like yesterday. The Republicans have absolutely nothing to offer the American people. Except higher taxes on most people (the Scott agenda), banning books, attacking human rights, lying about everything all the time.... oh jeez we can go on and on. But the successes of the Democrats, while not what progressives would've hoped for, are not being messaged. We passed relief bills that saved us from a COVID depression. The management of the pandemic has been pretty good; the response to the Ukraine War has been remarkably good, and but for some noncooperatives in the Senate we would've passed the most historic progressive legislation ever. Despite global inflation that no president could control, and an oil shock actually worse than the one in the 70s that, again, no president could control, our economy is at full employment, and real income growth for lower wage jobs has been better than at any time in many years. We have a ton to brag about! So let's get bragging. And let's get to calling misguided "both sides-ism" in the media. Any Republican who had posted the successes of the Biden years so far would be receiving accolades and suggestions that we rename Washington after him, for crying out loud. 

Thank you and good night. 

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