25 March 2024

Tolkien Reading Day

Today is "Tolkien Reading Day," we're told, mainly by businesses trying to sell books. I was a big fan in my youth, and did re-read the entire series (not the many patch-up prequel material, apart from the Silmarillion, which is very nearly unreadable). Three times, over the years. But, nah, not gonna read it again. ChatGPT gives the following, but the fact (actual fact) that March 25 is the traditional old-style New Year in Anglo Saxon culture has more to do with it, I suspect. 

«Tolkien Reading Day is celebrated annually on March 25th to honor the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. This date was chosen because it marks the fall of Sauron and Barad-dûr in Tolkien's Middle-earth lore, specifically in "The Return of the King", which is a significant event in his mythology. The day encourages fans of Tolkien's work to read, discuss, and celebrate his contributions to literature, fantasy, and the creation of rich, detailed worlds and languages. It's also an opportunity to explore themes central to his work, such as friendship, courage, and the struggle against darkness, which resonate with many readers around the world. The Tolkien Society initiated Tolkien Reading Day in 2003 to promote the reading of Tolkien's works and to spread awareness of his stories and characters.»

There's something rather anodyne about ChatGPT. I suspect they build in banality to avoid offending people, but, well, it's annoying.

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