20 April 2024

Vote on Ukraine aid

May have to stop calling Mike Johnson "MAGA Mike." I have to admit I never thought he'd say something like this... and in the process of acting on it, to boot: 

"I am going to allow an opportunity for every single member of the House to vote their conscience and their will. I'm willing to take a personal risk for that, because we have to do the right thing. And history will judge us."

Don't worry, I'm not totally taken in. This is literally the bare minimum of foreign policy bipartisanship that one would expect from any Republican. Before Trump, that is. But one thing seems pretty clear to me: Johnson would not be doing this if it weren't for the fact that Trump's legal troubles and obvious and worsening mental incapacity are beginning to spell waning influence and control over all but the Cult members themselves. I am not complacent, but I think we may be seeing the beginnings of a collapse for Old Poopypants. And I must say, if it happens, it couldn't happen to a bigger, fatter, more disgusting POS. 

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