14 December 2004

Time is on My Side

Somehow these days one feels adrift. Lassitude sets in. Out here in the Western Blue States, we feel as if we were the remote territories of an alien nation, like the Colonial America vis-à-vis the British. While commerce and daily life continue, most people's lives are not imminently affected by the destructive and stupid policies in Washington. It's frustrating and one feels disconsolate, but there is an overarching sense of both dread and powerlessness. It's hard to avoid.

Still, the arc of history has usually turned against those whose arrogance of power thrust them to a zenith, just as this pinnacle has been achieved. I believe that the power of the Right in America is now at its zenith, and the job of the opposition, at this point in history, is to minimize the damage, and await the inevitable return to sanity.

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