16 December 2004

Word for the Day

veridical · (va-RID-i-k&l) · adjective

1. Truthful.
2. Real; corresponding to facts; representing reality.

[From Latin veridicus, from verus (true) + dicere (to say).]

"It's both surreal and veridical, whimsical and graphic, straightforward and sly."
--Charlotte O'Sullivan; Up to No Good; The Independent on Sunday (London,UK); Sep 29, 2002.

"If split-brain patients are given such tests, the left hemisphere generates many false reports. But the right brain does not; it provides a much more veridical account."
--Michael S. Gazzaniga and John W. Karapelou; "The Split Brain Revisited;" Scientific American; Jul 1, 1998.

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