16 May 2011

Please, please, please, Paul Ryan, do run!

I would absolutely love to see Paul Ryan run against Russ Feingold for Herb Kohl's Senate seat.

There are no guarantees in life, and I've been flummoxed repeatedly by the depth and girth of American political ignorance and irreality, but it seems to me if Progressives, after the bruising battles and Recall races in Wisconsin this season, can't win that race, we're doomed to a Plutocratic America without respite anyway. 

17 May. Paul Ryan will not run, according to news reports, but Tommy Thompson will. Given the really strong unpopularity of Ryan's plan to Kill Medicare, Thompson will probably be a more difficult candidate to beat, although, ironically, among Repubs his support for Health Care Reform during the debate over it in 09 will probably hurt him among his own party base.

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