16 May 2011

Unpatriotic Republicans

Since the, in my view, unquestionably profoundly unpatriotic Repub Congressional leadership seems to be unperturbed by the probability of another financial meltdown, this time caused by their willingness to allow our country to default on its debt for the first time in history, maybe President Obama should consider selling stuff. Starting with Federal property in the reddest of the Red States. See how they like it when some contractor wants $10 admission to enter the courthouse in Charleston.

OK, that's not serious, but come on, neither are they. Except that they don't seem to realize that confidence in the full faith and credit of the US government is a slippery thing, that could be easily lost well before the actual brink, costing the American taxpayers and investors an incredible amount of money... for nothing gained at all.

Oh, and as for those Tea Party types, like Rand Paul, who actually seem ready to let the default really happen: they are not only unpatriotic, they are absolutely INCREDIBLY stupid. What kind of economy do they think would survive that? Never mind; they're just too ignorant and stupid to form an intelligent opinion on any subject. 

Time for Obama to get on the tube and shame these people.

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