03 July 2012

NY Times on the Science and Scientists of Climate Change

This important NY Times piece makes reference to some of the actual details of the science, as well as the frustrations of the scientists who've been working in the field, with respect to the hard evidence that human-caused climate change is occurring and indeed accelerating.

We are long past the point where there is a legitimate "split of opinion" on what the evidence may mean, or that a plausible case for "cyclic climate change" can be made. In fact, we are probably past the point where political solutions are even feasible. The only way for the human race to avoid serious detrimental consequences from climate change in this century now probably revolves around the development of mitigation technologies, coupled with accelerated technological development leading to near cessation of the use of fossil fuels for energy within the first half of the century, driven not by politics but by technology. Will this happen? I wouldn't bet against it, but it will take some major paradigm shifts.

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