20 July 2015

Go Bernie!

I agree with Joshua Holland that, strictly based on precedent, it's an unlikely, and therefore exceedingly difficult political proposition, for Sanders to get the Democratic nomination. And I also concede that crowds of like-minded, enthusiastic people do not equate to votes. But come on. Huge crowds and surging enthusiasm are an indicator of a groundswell of support, and the existence of a large segment of the Democratic party that wants something quite different from what the party has been delivering since, oh, I dunno... 1976? I reiterate what I've been saying over and over: 1) you don't get anywhere in politics by conceding defeat in advance or negotiating with yourself. In the primary process, you fight for what you want, and you support the candidate that offers what you want. 2) The effect of a candidate like Sanders can only be to influence the nominee to take his voters into account and accommodate what he's saying into the eventual agenda of the nominee. If that's Clinton, so be it. She will be a better candidate because of Sanders and the efforts of Sanders supporters now and up to such time as it becomes clear she has won. That may happen, but it's not a done deal, and either way strong support for Sanders is important right now and going forward for those who broadly agree with his policy agenda.


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