14 July 2015

Iran Nuclear Agreement is a BIG DEAL

• Not so very long ago there was serious talk about yet another war in the Middle East... this time with Iran, which would cause hellacious turmoil and loss of life, in furtherance of no cognizable US national interest that ever made any sense to me. This agreement addresses the supposed rationale for those warmongers, by deferring for a long time any issue of Iran's gaining a nuclear weapon. Instead of positing the worst possible outcome, which would be a certainty without a deal (as, for example the odious Sen. Menendez did on José Díaz Balart's show today on MSNBC), why not spend the next ten years trying to find common ground with Iran and encouraging their regime to reenter the Community of Nations as a cooperative, rather than belligerent, member? I look at ISIS and the rise of militancy among Muslims in the 21st Century, and I see the stamp far more of Saudi Wahabism than of Iran and its mullahocracy. Iran has a developed middle class and a functioning government with at least the framework of responsiveness to popular opinion. We should be encouraging and fostering that, not playing up to an autocratic absolutist dictatorship that OFFICIALLY promotes a form of Islam that is antithetical to pluralism and cooperation with the rest of the World, which is what you find in Saudi Arabia.

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