11 August 2015

Bernie Sanders addresses huge rally for second day in a row

​28,000 in Portland on Sunday.

LA Times: « "The reason we're doing so well in this campaign is we're telling the truth," Sanders told the L.A. crowd, which his campaign estimated at 27,500, both inside the arena and in an overflow area outside watching on giant television screens.​ »

These two rallies alone were more than the attendance at every single campaign event of every other candidate of either party to date, combined. Admittedly, it's early and a lot of them haven't even had public events, but this is still meaningful. The rally in L.A. drew a huge crowd despite having been given short notice. The event was only announced to supporters on Wednesday.

​I was there, at the Sports Arena in Exposition Park, and it was electric. Somethin's happenin' here. ​Sanders hit every point, told it straight, and laid out a completely realistic Progressive agenda for America.

Go Bernie!

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