07 August 2015

Fox Newsaganza!

​I'm glad to hear from various folks that the Clown Car clatch​ created a negative impression over all in the Fox Newsaganza last night. The thing about Trump is that he actually represents the core of fearful, hate-filled revanchists who make up the "base" of the Republican party. These people are unreachable and not much of a threat, because they are slightly less than 20% of the electorate (actually a shockingly high number, but anyway). Many of the rest who typically vote Republican in presidential elections are actually reachable with a populist message, especially if it doesn't alienate their "values." Abortion and gay rights, unfortunately, are deal breakers for some. I watched a right wing acquaintance go from agreeing with Sanders on many issues despite having voted Republican since 1980, to rejecting him over these deeply deceptive Planned Parenthood hitjob videos and his Pro-Choice stance. But on economic issues, many heartland Republicans are surprisingly open to economic populism. 30 years of failed trickle down policies have started to hurt.

My dream is that Trump will fail in the Republican primary process (a safe bet), but NOT just fold up his tent; instead try to be a Ross Perot. If Trump is seriously spending money and running as an independent, it almost doesn't matter who either the Republicans or Democrats nominate, the Democrat will win.

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