18 January 2017

Indivisible resistance guide, and Keith Ellison

Lots of people are frustrated, saying to themselves and their friends, "I want to resist Trump and Trumpism, but how?" 
Well, here are some answers. (see pdf attachment). 

Also, I heard a really excellent interview with Keith Ellison on Ezra Klein's podcast. Ellison, you may know, is running for DNC chair, a position which is NOT primarily ideological or policy-setting. It is a process-driven post, one where someone who has some real ideas how to organize the DNC on a grassroots level, an art we have lost in recent years, can shine. And Ellison has some really great ideas about how to do that. I wholeheartedly support Ellison for DNC chair. 

Ellison had a "radical youth," but he is not an ideologue, or a radical. He is a very practical Sanders-wing Democrat, who, in my view, represents the future of the party and our movement to take back America from its anti-democratic Right Wing hostage takers. His analysis that we have strayed, becoming a party that is primarily only interested in presidential politics, and as a result have lost far too many governorships, far too many state legislative races, far too many House races, is right on. And he notes, correctly, that we have been out-organized for years by the Right Wing party. It's time to change that. Please check out this interview. I found it totally convincing that he is the man for the job, and his ideas are the "way to go." 


♦ David Studhalter
¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!
«The people united will never be defeated!»

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