19 January 2017


I don't want to be critical of the post office, which is under assault from the Right Wingers in government who basically have a pre-18th century idea of what the role of government should be. But, seriously, is it reasonable that after MORE THAN A WEEK after a relatively minor snowstorm, the only mail I received was a little bit I was able to pick up at the post office myself (they admitted there was "a lot of raw mail back there but we don't have time to sort through it.") And this is within the 23rd largest metropolitan area in the country (obviously meaning quite a few whole states don't have a comparable conurbation). Whatever happened to "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" ?

Apparently, like so much in Corporatized America, that's gone by the wayside. Of course, if one of the corporations (such as a health insurer) wants to hold you to some deadline despite your not having received the mailing in which it was communicated, tough shit.

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  1. USPS has also decided the customer is never right. I tried to collect the $50 insurance for Priority Mail after the destination post master told me the package I sent was misdelivered and irretrievable. USPS denied my claim and subsequent appeal with form letters stating, "Based on our investigation. . .our records indicate this package was delivered as addressed."

    What investigation? The post master wasn't contacted by Domestic Claims, and she assured me the USPS system recorded the recipient as different than the addressee. She was kind enough to submit an appeal to Domestic Claims on my behalf. I haven't been contacted by USPS since, now 45 days since I confirmed her report was received.

    I was able to confirm that in person, although I wasn't allowed to speak with a Consumer Advocate, or even pass security at the entrance to the USPS headquarters. A clerk was sent down to deal with me in the lobby.

    Where do I go from here?


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