10 February 2018

Call me crazy, but I posted this on Facebook today



I was so impressed by this book, and the case it makes that not only must universal public education, childcare, and health care by considered human rights, but that our obsession with "big government" is totally misguided, that I want to make an offer. The first FIVE people to message me with a truthful, affirmative answer to ONE QUESTION, and their name and address, will receive a free copy of the book. If you can easily afford the $8 for kindle or $11.55 on Amazon to buy the book, please just do that, you won't regret it. US addresses only.


Is it EITHER a hardship for you to buy this book or get it from a library; OR are you so convinced, after looking at its description that you disagree with it that you would certainly never read it if it weren't free, but you are willing to be open minded enough to read it if it is?

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