02 February 2018

Rolling Constitutional Crisis Upon Us

​ during the 2016 election​
were sufficient to push
 over to the loss column. But so were Russia/Trump campaign collusion, I'm pretty sure. Either one was sufficient with the other, but wouldn't have been alone.  At this time, the Russia/Trump thing is much more important,
​however, ​
because I truly believe we are now in "rolling Constitutional Crisis," where we are the losers of the first real Cyber War in World History and we have conspirators with a foreign government and traitors in charge of our government, systematically and intentionally undermining the rule of law and the institutions of democratic governance. Trump is more like Erdogan or Putin than he is like any other president in history, INCLUDING Nixon. And the fact that he is aligning himself with them, and NOT with our actual allies, is part of the reason I've never been more afraid for the future of our country than I am right this moment. 

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