21 July 2020

This happened in the last 2 weeks

• The Federal government sends storm troopers, pretextually in response to mostly peaceful protesters' causing minor property damage to Federal facilities but actually to patrol streets... to an American city without insignia, ID, or even agency identification, dressed in military camo, against the outraged objections of both Senators, the district's congressman, the Governor, the state's AG, and even the local US Attorney. An AG in another state files charges against right wing vigilantes who brandish guns at peaceful protesters in clear violation of the law, and immediately the governor of the state announces that he will pardon the violators if they are convicted. A governor of another state issues an edict forbidding local jurisdictions from requiring basic sanitary precautions in the midst of a lethal pandemic.
It's not supposed to be like this. We must sweep these people out of power at all levels of government, with the greatest urgency, lest we lose the small-d democracy we so righteously claim to care about in this nation.

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