02 August 2020

Senseless Tragedy

My friend and piano teacher Nick just let many of his friends know that good friend and housemate committed suicide this week. This is so very heartbreaking. I felt that what he wrote about how it affects others is so worth repeating that I am sharing it with most of the people I know. I have personally known several people, some very close to me, who experienced a "near miss," as in an attempted suicide that they later realized was a barely avoided narrow escape from a terrible loss not just to themselves but to others in their lives. It is never as bleak as it seems, and life has a way of reforming itself into a new outlook, every time. 

Anyway, here are his powerful words: 

" If you are considering doing something like this, I beg you not to. The people who love you, love you more than it will ever be possible for you to know, and there are people you are yet to meet who will love you even more, that you are robbing yourself of the chance to meet and experience. And I know this is cliche to say, but this is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And you won't be here to feel the relief of the "solution." The people who are left behind will be left with a hole for the rest of their lives. Love yourself. At least allow others to love on you, and believe them when they say they care. You are not a burden. You are needed. You are loved. And if you stick around, you will slowly and gradually come to realize how much so you really are, and how much your mere existence enriches the lives of us all. If nothing else, know that -I- love you, and that -I- need you here as long as you can be."

We are all stressed in this difficult time, but we should remember that others are in pain and may need us to reach out to them. 

Stay well and remember that others love you, everyone. 


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