06 December 2020

The protein coding problem... one of the great conundra of biology... SOLVED

This is a sure-thing Nobel Prize and may turn out to be the most important scientific discovery in years. Essentially, we now finally know the language that life uses to create proteins, and how to predict the shape, function, and other properties of proteins that any given genetic code text will produce. This is enormously important, and may be the key to solving biological materials shortages, creating medicines from raw materials without having to laboriously process biological resources, and many other as yet unknown developments. This is comparable to the discovery of CRISPR Cas=9 (which google if you don't know what that is)... maybe more important. And one of the most amazing things is that this development was so computation- intensive that it was not actually human intelligence that solved the fundamental problems, but AI, guided by humans. It's a brave new world. 

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