21 July 2022

Calling it what it is: evil

This will be blunt, so turn away if you're sensitive. I'm so, so very tired of right wing ASSHOLES claiming to base their politics on morality or claiming to be "pro-life." Thanks to their non-democratic usurpation of the Supreme Court we now have as the law of the land zealous prosecution of people who can't raise a child properly and don't want to have a child so they end a pregnancy when the fetus is only an embryo. This policy causes children to be forced to bear children, and increases risk of serious complications and even death for millions of women. Yeah, real pro-life. (The rationale of their court decisions is barely disguised "we have five or six votes and you don't so suck it"). And here's another example. They claim they're so "moral" and "community minded," supporting "family values." Is it family values to slow walk or outright deny housing assistance to millions who need it, saying effectively to people who are left behind by society, "we don't want you, we won't help you, why not go out on the street and die?"  And they do. I just read that FIVE HUNDRED homeless people have died from exposure in Phoenix (with red state laws and little assistance), just this year. In the United States of America, it is shameful beyond belief that people die from exposure for lack of housing. And their immoral and outrageous refusal to cooperate to address climate change is only making this deplorable and despicable situation worse every year. Don't give me your moralizing, right wingers. I see you for what you are: EVIL. 

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