01 July 2022

Whatever It Takes

Here's what I want to see from any Democrat that asks for my vote. 

1.  State plainly and without equivocation that they will support eliminating the filibuster and passing progressive legislation, and will work to make that happen, no matter what it takes, no matter how hard it is; no excuses, no compromise. 
2.  Similarly state that the unchecked power of the minoritarian Supreme Court as currently constituted is a threat to our democracy, and we will take whatever action is necessary, up to and including modifying the powers of the court and changing its membership through legislation, to rein in that abuse of power. 
3.  State that they understand that the threat to voting rights and the will of the majority is under extreme threat, and that they support doing WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to ensure that the people get to decide who will be president, who will serve in the Senate, and who will serve in the House, through legislative and constitutional change, no matter how hard it is, and no matter how long it takes. 
4.  State that they will do whatever it takes to protect constitutional rights, including reproductive rights and basic privacy rights, against the threat of radical right wing legal assault. 
5.  State that they will do whatever it takes to protect our environment and enact laws to ensure that we do whatever is necessary to avoid the catastrophic effects of Climate Change, in the face of radical right wing power politics.  

The keywords in all of these are WHATEVER IT TAKES

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