23 December 2023

AI writes a sonnet

I asked Google's generative AI, Bard, to write a sonnet on the emotional response to aging, along the lines of Shakespeare's That time of year thou mayst in me behold. The result isn't great literature, but I'm not sure whether to be mildly discomfited... or stunned. Here it is:

The mirror's gaze, a stranger in my face,
Shows lines etched deep where laughter used to bloom,
And hair once spun of gold, now frosted trace, 
A winter's touch upon a summer's tomb.
My limbs, once lithe, now creak a mournful rhyme,
Each step a sigh, a burden on the sand,
The fire that danced within my youthful prime, 
To embers wanes, held softly in my hand. 
The joys that chased like butterflies in spring, Now flit afar, on wings of memory, 
The songs that soared, on muted notes now cling,
 A wispy echo of what used to be. 

Yet, though the glass dims and the shadows fall,
Love's ember glows, a solace through it all.

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