24 January 2005

E-mail to "Say it ain't so" Joe Lieberman

I sent Senator Joe Lieberman, who Josh Marshall is reporting may be about to bolt from the "fainthearted faction," the following e-mail:

Dear Senator Lieberman,
As a concerned citizen on an issue which concerns all Americans, namely President Bush's entirely unfounded and foolish efforts to phase out social security under the phony mantle of "personal accounts," I am concerned about reports that you have not clearly articulated opposition to the President's nefarious albeit thusfar ill-defined plan. I understand you made comments on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" recently which indicate you may be about to do so, and I am writing to encourage you to make clear that you stand with the VAST majority of Democratic leaders and constituents in opposing any plan designed to trump up a phony crisis in order to undermine the most important and successful social program in our nation's history.
Thank you.

David Studhalter

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