25 January 2005

Krugman on the Greenspan Succession


Testimonial: If you're reluctant to sign up for the New York Times' online edition, I can tell you there's no real downside. I have not been bombarded with Spam or advertising, and have found the ability to read the news and opinion in the Times invaluable. The same, incidentally, goes for the LA Times and the Washington Post.

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  1. News? in the New York Times? Very little. Most of it is the usual party line. Opinion. Yeah, there are some. There are also puff pieces passing for opinion. And puff pieces passing for news. (Take a look at the so-called news articles and the so-called news analysis of the current brouhaha surrounding the resignation of Beverly Sills, for an example.) The only part of the testimonial that I consider true is that it's easy to sign up, and you really and truly do NOT get ads or spam as a result of reading the paper online. But neither are you going to know very much when you've finished reading.


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