16 September 2008

Enough of Sarah Palin Already: Hit McCain and Use Direct Approach

A friend at work sent me yet another e-mail cataloging the faults and inexperience of Sarah Palin, some of them, like the "book banning" accusation, actually not even true. Nothing disarms an attack on integrity like using falsehoods yourself.

I think it's time for those of us who don't want to see McCain elected to pretty much ignore Sarah Palin. Her nine-day wonder has run its course. She's their VP candidate, so she will be mentioned here and there. There is a debate coming up, of course, which will call attention, but I think most of the attempts to portray her as a lunatic and a vindictive, retributive, parochial hick, however much some of them may be justified, have backfired. Better to ignore her, and shift focus to their presidential candidate, attack his lack of any real plans to do anything about the myriad problems that face us, and his willingness to betray principles and integrity to get elected. At the same time, and, even more forcefully: hit hard on the direct approach: promise specific program changes, and ask the voters for their support, in ads featuring Obama personally. I really think this is the path to victory, and I sure hope the O. campaign gets busy and starts spending their considerable warchest on this approach soon.

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