12 September 2008

My suggestions to David Pouffle, Obama Campaign Mgr

USE this video from Portland, ME.
Contrast Biden's sensible statements, intercut.

READ E. J. Dionne 9/11/08 on truthdig. HE has it exactly right.

RUN ADS making each of the points Dionne mentions:
McCain's "tax cut" is far smaller than Obama's for 95% of Americans! Plus, his health care plan will almost certainly result in higher overall costs for most working people, more than offsetting any tax cut!
Obama would guarantee everyone access to health care or that McCain's health plan might endanger coverage many already have!
Obama will create new jobs from major infrastructure to create renewable energy resources and get US off foreign oil!
These are positive points that McC CANNOT RESPOND TO!

We need MUCH MORE AGRESSIVE ADVERTISING, both positive and negative, and ....
Get them on the news everyday! Somehow!
Thank you.

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