08 September 2008

McCain leading in tracking polls

I can’t really say I’m surprised that McCain is now running slightly ahead in tracking polls. Democrats, again, are failing to appreciate and effectively counter the Big Lie propaganda being put out by the Republican smear machine.

The fact that so many American voters are apparently responsive to the snide derision of something so ridiculous as community organizing for the benefit of people affected by a steel plant closing, coming from a right wing extremist who thinks global climate disruption is not man made and that creationism should be taught in the schools, is disheartening but not surprising. After all, more Americans vote for American Idol than vote for president. A woman who 20 months ago was literally the mayor of a village can stand up there and deride Barack Obama, with snide contempt; a man who’s been proven right about the disastrous turn of American foreign policy, the completely disastrous mismanagement of the economy by the Republicans in power, and the total failure to do anything about either climate change or dependence on foreign oil, by this same party in power, and people eat it up, because propaganda works. People don’t vote issues, they vote sound bites and images. Democrats must get better at this, or in this year, where 80% will say they realize America is heading off on the wrong track, too many will once again ignore their own self interests and vote for the better marketed feel good message of the very people who got us into this mess, and who, if you take the trouble to actually read what they say, intend to dig us in deeper as vigorously and as quickly as possible if they take office.

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