31 May 2009

Right Wing Terrorism -- An Idea in the Air

People who really understand what's going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan all say that it is important not to conflate the Taliban and Al Qaida. Furthermore, Al Qaida is reduced to about 200 people, who have no real organizational ability or ability to marshal resources for major terror attacks in the West. Islamic terrorists are likely to be self-organized and incapable of mass destruction attacks or well-coordinated attacks such as 9/11.

But what is in the air, perhaps signaled by the Tiller murder Sunday, is the prospect of a big uptick in domestic ultra right wing terrorism. If I were a better, I'd venture that another Oklahoma City in the next few years is considerably more likely than another 9/11.

I hope the FBI is ahead of the curve this time and takes this potential threat very, very seriously.

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